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Our sole proprietor, Stacey Rose, has founded the company in 2014. He is from Columbia, South Carolina, where he attended his local high school and finished his degree from the University of South Carolina.

Learn About the Company

Although Grindstone Process Servers has just been around for seven years, we have eight years of experience in the industry. Along with Stacey is his team of three employees. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the fact that we keep clients abreast of what's happening daily with each serve. Grindstone Process Servers has never failed to serve a person in a good home or business address.

Our Job Site 

Two things that make our company unique. We only serve papers and we do not work with subcontractors. We utilize the software Serve Manager. With this, you would be able to create jobs, upload service documents, download affidavits, supply new service address, see complete job history, and more, at your convenience.

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